1. Scope

These Terms of Service apply to all items for sale and sold by Terrasoul Superfoods, LLC. (“Terrasoul Superfoods”) in Terrasoul Superfoods' Online Store (“Online Store”).

2. Offers, Conclusion of Contracts
Offers of items for sale in the Online Store represent an invitation to a customer to place an order only.  Once an order is placed, the customer will receive an automatic electronic confirmation of his order via e-mail and this will give rise to a contract of sale.  If a product ordered is not available, Terrasoul Superfoods may withdraw from the contract. In such a case Terrasoul Supefoods will inform the customer immediately and if applicable reimburse any monies paid without delay.

3. Prices

The prices quoted on the website are in U.S. Dollars and include applicable sales taxes. Terrasoul Superfoods is not responsible for any customer self-reported State Use Taxes if applicable.

4. Shipping Costs

Shipping and handling costs are included in the prices quoted on the Online Store for orders exceeding $49.00.  Shipping costs are $4.99 for orders below $49.00.

5. Terms of Payment

Payment can be made by credit card and the credit card will be charged when the order is placed.  We reserve the right to cancel any order and reverse a charge where we suspect the payment made might be fraudulent.

6. Delivery Times

Terrasoul Superfoods will ship a customer's placed order on the same day or next business day, but is not responsible for any reasonable shipping delays.  Terrasoul Superfoods will inform the customer by e-mail when their order has shipped and provide a tracking number e-mail notification when available.

7. Website Terms of Use

Terrasoul Superfoods' website is for use by our customers for online purchasing of Terrasoul Superfoods products.  All website content, including text, images, other copyrighted materials and trademarks are the sole property of Terrasoul Superfoods and may not be used elsewhere without prior permission.  Terrasoul Superfoods is not liable for any issues or damages that may be incurred from the use of our website.